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Frequently asked questions about SnappOrder

We only need your number to confirm that you are who you say you are, and to limit the potential for misuse of our services. Your number will not be used for marketing purposes. (See also our privacy statement here)
The app is free to download and free to use, there is no fee for this. Data traffic over mobile networks is associated with a charge from your carrier, depending on the type of subscription. The amount of data sent / received is minimal. The product you purchase through SnappOrder obviously have a cost, this will be in the menu. Remember that you are financially responsible for all goods and products ordered from your account.
Sending SMS 'Snapp' to 2030 follows standard SMS rate. Registering through the website is free however!
Our terms of agreement you can find here
We try to support as many smartphones as possible. We offer the app to different versions of the iPhone, Android and Windows. If the app does not work on your phone, please send an email to
You must allow both cookies and javascript on your phone (this is usually already turned on). You can change this in the settings on your phone.
SnappOrder for iPhone and Windows is a WebApp, the next big thing within apps. Instead of an installation on the phone the WebApp is rather a link to a program that is external. WebApps can therefore offer better user experiences, especially in terms of updating and interfaces.

For Android:


For Apple:

  1. Send 'Snapp' to 2030 (normal SMS rates)
  2. Follow the link you receive by SMS
  3. Install by pressing arrow and choose 'Add to Home Screen'
  4. arrow

Note: Cookies must be enabled

SnappOrder is available to Norwegian, Swedish and Danish mobile customers.

  • Android: Go to Android market and search for 'SnappOrder' and install the app as usual.
  • iPhone/Windows:
    • Norwegian: Send SMS 'Snapp' to 2030
    • Swedish: Send SMS 'Snapp' to 72320
    • Danish: Danish customers will have to use the website (on pc / ipad / cell) until further notice to be able to register. To register you enter your number with +45 in front in the registration box.